Reputation Solutions Providers Limited (RSPL) is a corporate communications firm focused on providing quality public relations services to corporate bodies in a way that will help them achieve their corporate objectives. RSPL prides itself in its team of experienced and versatile consultants from various fields – corporate communications experts, media practitioners, university lecturers, events managers etc.

We offer a 360-degree corporate communications consultancy, from need identification, to strategy formulation, and to program execution so as to ensure that your organisational needs are optimally achieved. At the crux of our strategy is corporate communications audit that helps identify what your organisational needs are. This helps in drafting a tailor-made program that will address the identified needs.

At RSPL, we believe that good corporate communications consultancy goes beyond needs identification and good policy formulation to include excellent program execution.  To this end, our team of practitioners pay as much attention to project execution as we pay to needs identification and program formulation.

Our key differentiators include our experienced and versatile personnel, strategic depth, time tested communications architecture, effective messaging capability, wide and enduring media contacts and focused execution, among others.

To drive home our client-fit consultancy claim, we have developed a relationship model which we offer our actual and prospective clients. This model, which breaks down our consultancy services into three sub-categories – Retainership, Cocktail and On-call options – allows our clients and prospects to choose how they would want to be served thus empowering them to be more in control of the costs.

To deliver quality corporate communications support to corporate bodies at a pocket-friendly cost

To democratise PR services in a way that no corporate body will be unserved