• Crisis Communications Consultancy and Training

Crises are not what corporate bodies could wish for as they could shake the organisation to its foundation, sometimes leading to the folding up of the company. Managing crises are always a tasking job as things happen so fast that a short delay could result in the deepening of the issues. Also a wrong messaging could result in a big backlash against the company.

We, at Reputation Solutions Providers Limited, always advise clients to map out the various issues in their areas of operations and always strive to manage these issues so as to minimise their chances of resulting in crises. We also advise our clients to have a crisis communication plan, which could be adopted in time of crisis to ensure a quick crisis response time.

Reputation Solutions Providers Limited assists clients in mapping of the various issues in their areas of operations and also develop a crisis communications plan that could be adopted in times of crisis. We also offer crisis communications support to corporate bodies who may be having crisis communications needs, as well bespoke training to corporate communications practitioners to make them battle ready to face any form of crisis when it occurs.